Energy Saving Home Improvements with Rebates

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Home Improvement

As a homeowner you are constantly making improvements to your home.  Here are some improvements you can make that will save you money right away with rebates. 


When you change your lightbulbs next time opt for an energy efficient LED bulb.   Xcel Energy provides discounts of up to $3 per bulb at some stores  to help you light up your home for less. LEDs use 70 to 90 percent less energy and last at least 15 times longer than traditional bulbs. Check their website before heading out to find the right bulb for you.  Bright Idea 



Refrigerator Recycling
Recycle your old, working refrigerator or freezer and earn a rebate.  The refrigerator uses about 13% of your total monthly electricity, so upgrading to a higher efficiency model will reduce your usage and bill.  It is interesting as pointed out by Consumer Reports that the Ice Maker uses about half of the total energy for the refrigerator.   Check out the Rebate Program from Xcel Energy  Frost Free




Heating System Rebates
Earn a rebate and save in the long run with a high-efficiency natural gas furnace.  The last thing you want to do is replace a furnace on the coldest day of the year.  Plan ahead and do some research, if your current furnace is 20 years or older you could have some significant energy savings.  Stay Warm



Cooling Rebates
Keep your home cool in the summer with less energy and receive a rebate for installing the new unit.  Comfort is key, if momma ain't happy, well you know the rest.  Keep her cool in the summer with a high efficiency A/C  just like the furnace if it is over 20 years old you can save quite a bit.   Cool Summer


 Water heater

Water Heaters
Earn a rebate and reduce energy costs for the appliance that consumes half of your home's energy. Around here water heaters don't last too long but at half the homes energy it is an important issue when it comes time to replacing.    Hot Water



Home Insulation
Earn a rebate and protect your home from costly energy loss.  It may not be a sexy as a new countertop, and I have never heard a buyer say wow look at that insulation but it does keep you comfortable and makes the home feel more solid.  If it is working you don't notice it.   Security Blanket


I hope you found this informative and maybe even helpful, if so please share with a friend.